Advantages of Working With NDS


In today’s environment, partnering with a public warehouse and distribution company can minimize your costs. Rather than spending large sums of money operating your own facility, moving your product into a public facility is one of the quickest ways to grow your company.

Do what you do best. With the capital that you save by partnering with a public warehouse and distribution company, you can focus on your core competencies (what you do best), create and market new products. You will save time and energy by partnering with Nevada Distribution Services.

Improve response time to your customers

Time is almost always a major factor to consider when purchasing products. If time is on your side, you will have the advantage. Shipping from a centrally located distribution center will get products to your customer faster. NDS will ship your orders the same day if the order is received by 3 P.M. PST.

Control your inventory levels

If you have the right product available at the right time, your costs go down and profits go up. Just the opposite happens when you have the wrong product or too much inventory on hand—Costs go up and your profits go down. An offsite distribution and warehouse company can offer a unique solution. You can streamline your inventory, store only what you need and minimize your costs.

Expand and grow your market

Public warehousing will give you the ability to move in and out of new markets as your business trends change. The cost of building or leasing, hiring employees and purchasing equipment is expensive. Public warehousing removes start-up costs.