International Commerce

To grow and expand in the ever-changing world of International commerce, you need a partner that has domestic and international experience. You need a partner with the expertise, technological capabilities and flexibility you need to make global logistics possible. NDS provides the service that moves goods internationally from origin to destination. NDS is the forwarding agent who routes your cargo efficiently, safely and swiftly through the maze of regulations, US and foreign customs, handling the volumes of red tape and paperwork.


Nevada Distribution Services (NDS)

– Provides both direct airline service and consolidation.

– Recommends an airport best suited to your shipment.

– Takes responsibility for seeing that all licenses, letters of credit and paperwork are in order.

– Prepares all export declarations, air waybills, bills of lading, letters of credit, consular legalization, etc.

– Arranges all necessary bank documentation.

– Provides direct ocean line service and consolidations.

– Arranges rail transport or trucking to shipside.

– Alerts our correspondent at the port of discharge to receive your shipment.

– Offers door to door or free domicile service.

NDS offers the type of hands-on service that gives you peace of mind. You need a partner who is looking out for your interests. Transportation costs fluctuate every day. We can be your provider that can give you the competitive pricing you need to enhance your bottom line. We stay with your shipment every step of the way until it has been accepted by the consignee. We handle your goods the way you would handle them yourself.

Foreign Regulations

As you deem appropriate, we will manage all packing, shipping and forwarding requirements.

– Foreign regulations
– Documentation
– packaging & labeling
– customs clearance
– pick & pack, fulfillment
– distribution, etc.

All commodities, project work, heavy freight are our specialties.

Our worldwide network of agents will clear and deliver product under our strict system of quality control.

Our goal is to provide timely, straight forward, no-nonsense… comprehensive forwarding services at competitive freight rates.