Comprehensive Services: 

Nevada Distribution Services provides supply chain, warehousing and logistics management solutions. If your company has a need for warehouse space, distribution services or increased seasonal storage, we have the programs to help you.

– Outsourced Warehousing
– Outsourced Shipping
– Onsite Rail Spur
– Lot Control and Tracking
– LTL and Trailer Loads
– National and International Shipping
– EDI and Industry Standard Data Tracking
– Real Time Tracking and Inventory
– SQL, Oracle, Postgres, MySql, Access and other database solutions
– Fast Friendly Onsite Support Staff
– UPS Worldship and Fed-Ex order fullfillment
– Server Co-location as your needs dictate
– T1 and redundant connectivity for data access
– Staff MCSE Certified Network Engineers, Sql and EDI programmers
– Safe, secure and protected warehouse space

Warehousing, Short term or Long Term?
Nevada Distribution Services provides supply chain, warehousing and logistics solutions. If your company has a need for warehouse space, distribution services or increased seasonal storage, we have the programs to help you.

Our Warehousing and Distribution services give you the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for. Our experienced staff and dedicated Quality Assurance Team take pride in handling your product with the care and accuracy you have come to expect from NDS.

We can handle all your tracking needs and maximize profitability
All NDS clients receive a full set of reports covering inbound and outbound transactions. Full inventory information is also part of the standard offering. Data for all reports is updated in real time as transactions are processed by our staff. All reports are provided via our secure web interface and can be easily downloaded.

NDS clients can also specify optional, custom reports to provide needed information and have the information delivered on a specified schedule via email or FTP. Custom Bills of lading, custom inventory reports, custom transaction reports, etc. are available as a value added option.

Through inventory management we will help your company grow
Our relationship begins with a complete understanding of your needs and expectations. NDS provides a full array of value added services so that you can custom tailor an outsourcing package that will provide you with exactly what you need, when you need it. The real value of our relationship is in our dedication and commitment to your customer’s complete satisfaction.

Focus on what you do best. By outsourcing your distribution and warehousing needs with NDS, you can invest time and resources into creating and developing your company’s products.

You can expand your business

Without the need for a large capital investment, you will only pay for the space and services needed. By choosing from a comprehensive list of value-added services you can outsource as much of your logistics operation as you need, freeing you to focus on growing your business.

Our fulfillment services are second to none
We find out what out client needs, put a program in place that works and process orders the way the client wants. Simply put, let us know what you need and we well put a plan in place to make it happen. From as small as single unity shipments to multiple units requiring any type of special Pick and Pack service; NDS has the programs available!
Our cutting edge technology produces exact counts
Nevada Distribution Services utilizes Windows Server technology coupled with SQL compliant databases to provide a flexible technology platform that can be tailored to meet your needs. All client information is secured by leading edge firewall technology and encrypted authentication.

All NDS clients receive secure and encrypted accounts so that they can access information about product activity and movement. All databases for our systems get updated as transaction activity takes place.

This information is available to our clients in real time from any standard web browser. In addition to the wealth of standard reports we supply, our clients can also specify custom reports.

Expert Financial Analysis
As an offsite distribution partner, NDS will help you lower your transportation costs, increase efficiency, reduce capital expenditures and fixed overhead costs, and will give you the ability to adjust inventory levels as your business trends change. NDS provides real time inventory information via the Web on a 7 x 24 x 365 basis so that you can quickly respond to market conditions. NDS technology and systems help you lower overall administration costs while your business grows.