Track Your Inventory in Real Time

All NDS clients receive a full set of reports covering all inbound and outbound transactions. Full inventory information is also part of the standard offering. Data for all reports is updated in real time as transactions are processed by our staff. All reports are provided via our secure web interface and can be easily downloaded as Excel spreadsheets.

NDS clients can also specify optional, custom reports to provide needed information and have the information delivered on a specified schedule via email or FTP. Custom Bills of lading, custom inventory requirements reports, custom transaction reports, etc. are available as a value added option.

NDS can provide a full range of lot control and tracking options. Everything from serialized product to lot identified product can be efficiently handled. Lot identification information is accurately tracked throughout all of our systems so that our clients can maintain full visibility of all lots. Compliance reporting and recall capabilities are also provided.

EDI capabilities

NDS provides its clients with full EDI capabilities. Everything from simple order file importing and return transmission reports to fully automated Trading Partner Transactions are provided. Our systems support all EDI X12, EDIFACT, VICS, and UCS transaction set standards. Our systems automatically configure each trading partner from the raw EDI data. Trading Partner shipping labels and ASN are also provided. Full bar code support is built into our systems as well.

With its automatic functional acknowledgement reconciliation tracking, enhanced search/archiving/backup capabilities, our EDI systems allow you to find the information you need in seconds.